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Official residences

Schloss Bellevue in Berlin’s Tiergarten district is the Federal President’s principal official residence. The Federal President has another official residence – Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn – which was the primary official residence of the President until 1994.

Schloss Bellevue

Schloss Bellevue has been the Federal President’s principal official residence since 1994. Situated at the edge of the Tiergarten, not far from the German Bundestag and the Federal Chancellery, the palace is surrounded by a spacious park bordering the River Spree. The palace owes its name “Bellevue” to its beautifully landscaped surroundings. The park was designed to provide vantage points in different directions – so-called “points de vue” – looking towards Charlottenburg, towards the south-west and across the Spree River.

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Villa Hammerschmidt

The Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn has been the Federal President’s official residence since 1950. Situated on the banks of the Rhine next door to the Palais Schaumburg, the Federal Chancellor’s office in Bonn, the Villa is right at the heart of the old Federal capital. Over more than 40 years as the Federal President’s primary official residence, the Villa Hammerschmidt became a symbol of the fledgling democracy that was the Federal Republic of Germany. State guests, politicians, artists, writers and representatives of all areas of society have gathered there.

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