Navigation and service

Fields of work

At the helm is State Secretary Stephan Steinlein, Head of the Office of the Federal President. He presides over a total of 13 divisions in three directorates-general. In addition, the Spokesperson of the Federal President, the Communications Unit, the Policy Planning/Speeches Unit and the Liaison Officer of the Bundeswehr (federal armed forces) to the Federal President all report directly to the State Secretary. The staff of the Personal Office work directly with the Federal President.

The Home Affairs Directorate-General is responsible for all domestic policy issues.

The Foreign Affairs Directorate-General assists the Federal President as he performs his duties towards other countries and in all questions relating to foreign policy, including speech-writing.

The Central Directorate-General is responsible for the administrative and technical running of the Office of the Federal President. Staff dealing with protocol and events, as well as constitution and law, are also based here.

The Federal Minister of Defence appoints a Liaison Officer to the Federal President as a military advisor to provide direct support in all questions relating to security and defence policy, to cultivate contacts with the Bundeswehr (federal armed forces) and the armed forces of other countries and to perform protocol tasks.

The staff of the Personnel Office organize the Federal President’s calendar, maintain contact with the Office of the Federal President and other institutions and accompany the Federal President on trips and appointments.