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Office of the Federal President

Außenansicht des Bundespräsidialamts 23 May 2011 Außenansicht des Bundespräsidialamts © Guido Bergmann

The Office of the Federal President is a supreme federal authority which assists the Federal President in the performance of his duties as Head of State. Its top official, who takes precedence over all other German state secretaries, is the Head of the Office of the Federal President.

The Office of the Federal President

  • advises the Federal President on all issues relating to his position,
  • informs the Federal President of all important developments in domestic, foreign, economic, social and cultural affairs,
  • prepares the decisions, speeches and other statements by the Federal President and
  • carries out the instructions of the Federal President or forwards these to the competent ministry or authority.

The tasks of the Office of the Federal President are derived from the constitutional powers of the Federal President and his perception of presidential office.

Unlike the federal ministries, which are each only responsible for a certain area of policy and administration, the Office of the Federal President needs to cover the entire policy spectrum to assist the Federal President given his tasks, rights and powers. It is with this in mind that it observes and analyses the key social, political and economic trends and draws up blueprints and food-for-thought papers for the Federal President that he can address in speeches, talks and at events. Here, the Office of the Federal President bases its work on the Federal President’s many appointments at home and abroad and on cooperation with foundations, civil society organizations and authorities, as well as on discussions with experts.

The Office of the Federal President currently has around 180 members of staff, including those working in the secretariats of the former federal Presidents Roman Herzog, Horst Köhler and Christian Wulff.

Since 1998, the Office of the Federal President has been housed beside Schloss Bellevue in a new building bordering on the Tiergarten.