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State visits

State visits by the Federal President abroad and incoming state visits by foreign Heads of State to Germany express the quality of bilateral relations and provide an opportunity to enhance cooperation. As a rule, such visits take place on an alternating schedule and at intervals of several years. Despite the permanent international presence of the Federal Republic of Germany through its embassies abroad and the numerous bilateral and multilateral conferences which the German Government takes part in, personal encounters between Heads of State continue to hold a special significance.

When he makes a state visit the Federal President is accompanied by representatives of the political and business spheres as well as prominent academic and cultural figures. A press delegation reports back to Germany.

The entire spectrum of the two countries’ relations features on the agenda of talks between Heads of State. The conversation might address coordinating policy, explaining German interests, or clearing up any issues clouding the bilateral relationship. Depending on the country in question, the visit might focus on political or economic topics or human rights.

Along with state visits the Federal President also makes official visits and working visits abroad, which entail less elaborate protocol arrangements.