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Heinrich Lübke (1959 - 1969)

Heinrich Lübke 17 May 2011 © BPA

1894Born on 14 October in Enkhausen, Arnsberg district
1913Higher education entrance qualification
after 1918Read economics, administrative law, as well as land and settlement law in Berlin and Münster
1921Qualified in land surveillance and agricultural engineering
from 1923Worked in the organization of agriculture
1926-1933Director of the Deutsche Bauernschaft (German Farmers Federation)
1931Representative of the Centre in the Prussian Land parliament
1933-1935Dismissed from all offices, followed soon after by the instigation of an investigation into corruption under the system, 20 months' (political) detention
1945Joined the CDU
1946Entered the Land parliament for Westphalia
1947Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry of North-Rhine/Westphalia
1949Member of the German Bundestag and chairman of the Agricultural Policy Committee; gave up his seat in October 1950
1952Resigned as Food Minister of North-Rhine/Westphalia on 18 December
1953Temporarily held the post of general attorney of the Raiffeisen Association in Bonn
1953Re-elected to the Bundestag
1953Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry
1957Awarded the Grand Cross of the Federal Order of Merit
1959-1969Federal President
1972Heinrich Lübke died on 6 April.

Heinrich Lübke was Roman Catholic. He was married to Wilhelmine Lübke née Keuthen.