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Walter Scheel (1974 - 1979)

Walter Scheel 12 May 2011 © BPA

1919Born on 8 July in Solingen
1939-1942Career in banking interrupted by military service (in the Luftwaffe, First Lieutenant)
1946Joined the Free Democratic Party (F.D.P.)
1948Town councillor in Solingen
1950-1953Member of the parliament of Land North-Rhine/Westphalia
1953-1974Member of the F.D.P. Executive Committee of Land North-Rhine/Westphalia
1956-1974Member of the F.D.P. Federal Executive Committee
1955-1957Member of the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community
1958-1969Member of the European Parliament (Vice-President of the Liberal parliamentary group, Chairman of the Committee for cooperation with developing countries)
1961-1966Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development under Chancellors Adenauer and Erhard
1967-1974Deputy Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation
1968-1974Vice-President of the World Liberal Union, a federation of liberal parties and organizations of all countries
1968-1974Chairman of the Free Democratic Party
1969-1974Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Chancellor
1974-1979President of the Federal Republic of Germany
2016Died on 24 August in Bad Krozingen

Walter Scheel was Protestant. His first wife, Eva Charlotte Scheel, née Kronenberg, died on 2 September 1966 after they had been married for 24 years. In 1969, he married the radiologist Dr Mildred Wirtz, who later founded German Cancer Aid.
Mildred Scheel died on 13 May 1985. The couple had four children. In 1988, Walter Scheel had been married Barbara Wiese.